A Flourishing You

New Season. New Habits.

YAY! The season is a changin’. Thank goodness for more sunshine and warmer days. Spring is such a refreshing time of rejuvenation and GROWTH. The trees are stretching out with green buds of renewal, the grasses are growing, the smell of wet ground and the occasional sound of a lawn mower all symbolize that winter is finally OVER! A new season means new ways of living with longer days and inviting temperatures.

So how are you going to make the best of this season change? What new habits can you take on that will support you living a fun, fulfilling and healthy life? Here are some tips for living it up this Spring!


It’s easy to get out of the habit of taking in nature once a day (especially when it has been cold and dark for the last 1000 months). So remind yourself to take action by setting a date with nature once a day, even if it is for a ten-minute walk.

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It’s time to let go and donate the winter clothes you did NOT wear all winter. If you have gone a whole season without wearing that too short hoodie once it might be time to give it to the local thrift store so someone else can enjoy it. Plus it feels soooo good to clean up and organize your closet space. Time to bring out some of those short sleeve shirts and flats you have stored away.


Let’s make connection a habit this Spring. Over the winter people tend to hibernate and time with friends gets dropped for the comfy pants and warm home option. But with Spring things change! Make a date with a friend and go sit on a patio downtown at your local coffee shop or restaurant. Bring a sweater in case it is chilly…. or even a jacket… either way get out and bond with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. IT FEELS GOOD.

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Many of us get into a rut when doing grocery shopping each week by buying the same old stuff and forgetting that with a new season there are fresh new options! Mix up your veggies and fruits and be sure to visit your local Farmers Market. Your taste buds and nutrition will thank you for it.

There you have it. A new season means new habits. Take some time to check in with your daily routine and reflect on how you can mix it up to incorporate the awesomeness of the warmer weather and longer days!

Article written by Trisha Miltimore

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Trisha Miltimore – Confidence Coach + unStress Consultant. Trisha is an International Speaker, Business Development Trainer and Life Strategist inspiring others to create connection and fulfillment in their own lives. As a momma of four and entrepreneur, Trisha knows first hand the challenges and privileges of pursuing your passion including what it takes to ignite and maintain an attitude of success. Her down-to-earth style is refreshing and at the centre of all her work is this one powerful truth, “YES YOU CAN!”  Visit Trisha at www.passionigniter.ca to learn more.

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