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Tips To Rock Gratitude

Rocking GRATITUDE in our adult lives is key to truly flourishing (and having more fun). Fulfillment, positive relationships, confidence, compassion and purpose are intensified in our lives when we practice the habit of being grateful. Dr. Caron Goode says, “Grateful people are happier, more resilient, and less depressed.”

It all sounds so EASY right? Of course it does. It’s very easy to be HAPPY and GRACIOUS when times are good – when we are getting what we want and feeling satisfied and uplifted as a result.


But how do you react when things go awry? When you are disappointed? When you are hurt, angry or rejected? It is in these moments when we really need to SHINE our light of gratitude. To own the experience, learn from it and move forward.

“WHAT? Feel gracious in a pissed off moment like this? Do you have any idea how mad I am right now? Seriously!” I hear ya.

And if you are in that place right now, or have been in the past, remember that, “THIS TOO SHALL PASS.” (It really, really will.)

It’s HARD to be grateful when the twist and turns of daily life seemingly smother our best intentions. The snowball effect of negative thoughts born from frustration, a sense of lack of control, over-commitments, minimal valued personal time and deep-rooted belief systems can, and do, completely UNDERMINE our ability to FEEL grateful.

BUT! Grateful people (those with a positive and resilient mindset) do have a more fun and flourishing life experience. They just do.

Here’s some tips I have gathered from knowing, and coaching individuals with a life-enriching mindset of GRATITUDE.

While enjoying the first sip of your hot latte, soaking in the bath or driving to work pick a ritualistic time DAILY to think of one thing you are grateful for. Gratitude is a mind-set, a positive perspective that, with practice, will become a life-altering must-do habit.

Gratitude is a verb (ignore the whole dictionary noun ‘thang). It takes intention and action to exist. What have you done today to show you are grateful…..for the people in your life?…..for the circumstances you are living?…for your health?….for yourself? If you desire to take charge of your well-being you are going to want to start actively expressing, through action, what and who you are grateful for. TODAY. Not tomorrow.

If there is one thing I have noticed about grateful-minded people –they don’t wait for the silver lining…they actively create it.

Always remember to enjoy the journey!

Article written by Trisha Miltimore

Mango and Moose

Trisha is an International Speaker, Business Development Trainer and Life Strategist inspiring others to create connection and fulfillment in their own lives. As a momma of four and entrepreneur, Trisha knows first hand the challenges and privileges of pursuing your passion including what it takes to ignite and maintain an attitude of success. Her down-to-earth style is refreshing and at the centre of all her work is this one powerful truth, “YES YOU CAN!”  As the Global Advocate Manager at Mango + Moose Trish is the mentor and coach helping each Advocate grow and make impact (in their own unique way). 

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